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The Foundation

The Beacon Council Foundation is a Florida-based 501(c)3 nonprofit created exclusively for charitable and educational purposes dedicated to the growth and prosperity of Miami-Dade County.


A Beacon Council initiative, Opportunity Miami is a platform to help catalyze a long-term vision for Greater Miami’s economic future and rally the community to create it. The approach: elevate the best ideas, practices, research and people addressing questions pivotal to our economic future, engage across Miami-Dade County, and share clear, actionable solutions to help our community make better decisions, faster.

It’s an effort that takes the long view. Moving beyond election and news cycles to imagine the Miami we want in 2040 - when the child today in Miami will be readying to enter the workforce.

Our belief is that our greatest challenges present our biggest opportunities. That a more innovative, inclusive and sustainable future can only be built together - with you. And to stay ahead of new challenges and opportunities, a new model for how we envision and build that future is needed.


Join in. Let’s shape our economic future, together.

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